Favorite Newborn Items

There are so many wonderful baby products out there for that newborn phase, that it can get to be a bit overwhelming. As first time parents, you can get some amazing things from your baby shower (by tw, we used Babylist for that). But what is actually used or comes in really handy? Besides diapers and wipes, The real fun began the second we brought him home and we quickly realized what worked and what was an obvious splurge. So, I want to share with you our top 10 items we loved and have used the most:

  1. The 2-in-1 Graco baby swing. When we received this item thanks to my mom. I knew this could be a great item to assist with the little man, but we didn’t realize HOW MUCH we would love this swing. For one, it not only is a swing, but it comes apart as a rocker. Miles sometimes hates to be alone in the living room (even though we are just near by in the office and can see him) so sometimes, being able to separate this swing and have him next to us chilling in this rocker is a blessing. It also has music, a white noise setting, and can be ran off batteries, just incase you don’t have a plug near by.
  2. Hatch Sound Machine – this came in handy for sleep training. It helps the lil one with sounds they are used to from the womb. Easy to program from your phone and you can change it to all different color. I use the red light at night when I get up for the babe. We’ve also gotten myself to love the rain sound feature where we might need to grab our own after he moves into his own room soon.
  3. The Mina Baie – Full Harper Diaper bag – Guys.. THIS was on my DREAM board for my ultimate diaper bag WISH LIST. 1 – it’s a beautiful pebbled leather, 2 – LOT’S of pockets, 3 – it’s a thing of beauty. & a few months before I was due – I WON this bag. OMG so excited and I love it. You seriously can’t go wrong with a Mina Baie bag. Great organization. It’s totally true love.
  4. Diaper Genie – Who wants to smell stinky diapers? Not I, not you, not anyone. So get yourself a Diaper Genie. We use it constantly and love it.
  5. Wildbird Ring Sling – Easy to travel with, gorgeous colors and patterns, simple to use – with a little getting used to. This is great to have on hand when you feel like holding baby close. So many beautiful prints they have, it’s cozy for sure
  6. Uppababy Cruz Stroller / Nuna Pipa Infant Carseat + added adapter – Aka – get yourself a travel stroller system. Granted our carseat and stroller are different brands, (I just got the adapter for the Carseat) The Nuna Pipa carseat can be used with or without the base making it easy to travel with, while the Cruz stroller is sleek, sexy and super dreamy glide. Folds up in a pinch and we love it.
  7. Boon Nurse Bottles – (If you decided to add a bottle like we did with EBM or formula) Try these bottles with a silicone interior. Super easy to clean and mimics the boob, and our sunshine took to it quickly. They also have small storage for the silicone and nipple inserts which makes it compact for travel. Bonus – the colors that they come in are swoon worthy and you can later on change out the nipples for a sippy cup insert. I say a win win in my book for longevity.
  8. The Ollie Swaddle. OMG has this been a game changer. The Ollie swaddle is such a breeze to use, and totally breathable. Great for our summer babe. Also like how easy it is to clean and to use. Miles loves it.
  9. Tubby Todd – All Over Ointment. About 4 weeks old, Miles started getting some baby acne. So I did a little research and found this ointment that had great reviews. His acne faded quickly, but this also helps with dry skin, which I use weekly with him. A little goes a long way and also works great for diaper rash. If you click on the link to purchase – you can get 10% off your first order 🙂
  10. Bamboo Muslin Swaddles – So soft and cuddly, I am kind of obsessed with this material mix of swaddles. Several brands carry them that I love with beautiful Prints: Sweet Sweet Honey / the Modern Keiki, The Keiki Depot, & LouLou Lollipop. We have a swaddle or two from each of these brands

**Bonus – Carseat cover – A must in a time where everyone is covered up. Easy to use to cover up the babe and in such pretty prints. The two we have are from Milk Snob and Copper & Pearl. Both great products, great prints and soft material

*We also had a baby lounger borrowed from a friend. This was amazing to have as well. You can find a good one here on Amazon. Total disclaimer, if you shop through my storefront , I do make a little funds from it. (thanks for your support!)

Let me know what some of your favorite baby items are! I’d love to hear what really worked for you!

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